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Any problem like these?

Convert business applications and mails to be cloud platform.
Operation of the system is difficult due to absence of former operator.
In need of system upgrade.
Needs additional feature on ongoing system.

If you have any problems regards to your system, please contact us. We will solve your challenges and realizes the ideals.


Consulting Services

Application system

Please give us an email if you have any problems regarding to applications such as installing new versions or bug-fix.


Analyze and Rebuild

We will analyze your app and find&fix the cause of the bugs.


Such as moving from Microsoft Access to web DB, we are happy to give consultations about system migrations.


We can make a proposal for your systems and renew the system as you wish.


IT Infrastructure

We are happy to give consultations relating to your IT infrastructures including and not limited to constructions and improvements.


・Constructing internal network system
・System cooperation with Japan

Web System

・Web servers
・Website development for both global and internal

Server System

・Domain Server
・Application Server


System security

We propose system security that protects your computer system from threats such as viruses and information leaks.


・Client-computer protection
・Monitoring internal network
・Firewall configuration
・Reviewing internet connection setting
・Reviewing configuration of server systems



Are you thinking about selling products and introducing products on the Internet and providing services? With us, building EC website that supports multilingual and multi currency will be extremely easy task. Supporting multiple languages will allow more people to visit, lead to expand sales channels. We will provide the best service for those who want to expand the market to the world.


4 Reasons to choose

M.I.S. Australia for EC Website

Our system allows you to handle multi-currency and multi-language
We create website in low price and short term using CMS and/or frameworks
The website we build is secure
We combine web applications to build flexible websites

Pratical Examples

  • Online Booking System
  • Commodity Website
  • Online Merchandise
  • Online Education System

and more...

We support Alipay!
We support Alipay! Usage of China's largest online payment service, "Alipay" is increasing in the modern EC websites. We have built pranty of EC websites compatible with the Alipay system. If you are planning to attract customers from the Chinese market, please do not hesitate to consult us.




Upon application development, M.I.S. AUSTRALIA will carefully interview and analyze the purpose and request of new application. We will develop and introduce the optimum application after grasping the problem. Since we have numerous of track records of Web / business application construction in many industries, it is possible to correspond to various situations.

Process of application development

Application Development According to Requirements

System Development

・New business
・Expansion of business
・Operation systemization

Reconstruction and Improvement

・Changes in laws and rules
・Changes of business system
・Imrpovement of existing program

Web Application

・Inter-branch application
・Web sales





Implementation Examples

Business Application

Travel Agency Integrated System
Education Related System
Import Wholesalre System
(Inventory/Sales management etc.)


By operating the system linked with website, you can offer 24/7, robust and secure service.